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I'm Raphael, but you can call me Raph. I currently live on the Mid-North Coast of NSW with my wonderful wife Steph and our kelpie Abel. In the past couple of years I have become convicted to follow our Lord Jesus Christ. I never intended for this to happen, but a handful of spiritual experiences that I can't deny led me to Him. Pursuing God has been the greatest thing to ever happen to me and my family.

Lifewise, I believe my mission in life is to grow your emotional, financial, mental, physical, social and spiritual wealth. I aim to achieve this by continuously sharing thoughts and ideas with you. This may come in the form of Educational Guides, Podcasts, or written text on my social media accounts. My foundation is built upon the rock.

I have written educational guides , have my own podcast called Keep it Raph, and on the side run a merchandise store on the side called Beliachi. The name Beliachi comes from the two words - believe and achieve, as it's the first four letters of each word put together as one.

If you want to reach out, hit me up at beliachi@protonmail.com, I love getting to know new people so get in touch!

"You don't only achieve once you've reached your goal. You achieve every step you take towards that goal while believing in yourself."

Raphael Fernandez