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I'm Raphael, but you can call me Raph. I currently live on a rural farm in NSW, Australia after leaving my home city of Melbourne after 25 years. In the past year I have become a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, this happened from a handful of spiritual experiences that I simply cannot deny.

My mission is to grow your emotional, financial, mental, physical, social and spiritual wealth. Simply put, I want to show you what's possible and inspire you to live abundantly. I know we are capable of living fulfilling and graceful lives.

I provide online educational services, otherwise known as E-Guides and Courses. These are available through my business 'Development for Freedom'. I have my own solutions based podcast show called 'Keep it Raph', here I speak about topics that are going to help you become less vulnerable to the system, and live a more fulfilling life. On the side I also have a merchandise business called 'Beliachi'. This name stands for 'Believe Achieve', as it's the first four letters of each word put together as one.

I love getting to know new people so get in touch!

"You don't only achieve once you've reached your goal. You achieve every step you take towards that goal while believing in yourself."

Raphael Fernandez