My name is Raphael Fernandez

Hi, my name is Raphael Fernandez and I’d like to share my life story & the birth of

Before we start, there’s one thing I want you to bear in mind: I’m on a mission to Grow Your Wealth in life emotionally, financially, mentally, physically, socially and spiritually. It’s a mission that governs every decision in my life. You’re about to find out why…

Early Days

My story starts in Melbourne, Australia. I was born there and raised by both of my parents together. Both have worked tirelessly their entire lives. My mum came here with her family from Chile and they were many thousands of dollars in debt. My dad moved to Australia from the countryside of Northern Spain at 18 years old with $100 to his name.

Growing up through primary school I had been heavily bullied because of my background and physical features, it was the most challenging time of my earlier years. I raised my concerns with the school teachers and nothing was done. These events allowed me to gain a greater relationship with myself as for some time I was alone fighting my own battles and exploring my interests and passions along the way.

Fast Forward...

I had many career changes within University studies as a lot of the information I was being taught seemed irrelevant as with how I felt with high school classes. I studied a 'Bachelor of Business' course, I then dropped out and completed a course in Real Estate, I made it as far as work experience.

Soon after stopping that, I decided to quit everything that was predictable. I decided to do YouTube full-time to build up my own personal brand and build an audience. Crazy, I know... though my visions of the future made sense to me and I had no plan B. My videos consisted of bodybuilding content, business ventures and vlogging.

In order to keep the dream alive, I launched my own clothing brand Beliachi in February of 2017. Beliachi stands for 'believe' and 'achieve' as it's the first four letters of each word put together. I sold many hundreds of t-shirts, tank tops and strap-back hats worldwide, I'm very grateful to have had such supportive family, friends and community along the way.

To The Moon

Fast-forward halfway through 2017 and I was introduced to Cryptocurrencies. I was fortunate enough to have invested before many of my coins pushed for thousands in percentage (%) profits. Although holding coins seemed logical at the time, I very quickly had an interest in trading to take advantage of the market even more.

I decided to change the direction of my YouTube channel content and start fresh. Overtime I gained many hundreds of subscribers and was fortunate enough to have helped many of them take extremely profitable trades.

I noticed that my channel wasn't growing as fast as the other cryptocurrency channels and I came to the conclusion that the difference between myself and them was that they had deep fundamental knowledge about "Blockchain Technology". Blockchain Technology is the underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies.

Corporate Days

In order to grow my channel further and to have more credibility, I decided to study a 'Developing Blockchain Strategy' Course at RMIT University here in Melbourne, Australia. This was halfway through 2018. I had gotten in contact with the NEM Foundation through the course speakers and I was offered to work with them as I was passionate about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. I was hired as a Content Creator and Business Developer.

I spent 5 days in Malaysia to meet the Malaysian team and then another 5 days were spent in Singapore. I had learnt so much about blockchain technology and I had to answer some very in depth and technical blockchain related questions at the events I had attended. I met some very incredible and innovative people and it's an experience I won't ever forget. Just remember... I only applied for the job to support my Cryptocurrency YouTube channel...  

Leaving The Workforce

I had achieved what I wanted for myself in a very short amount of time. I travelled for work with all expenses paid, met some great people, attended the largest tech event in the globe to showcase my blockchain technology knowledge and I had learnt what I needed.

My cryptocurrency results were so great that it came to a point where I was losing so much money by working and earning there, than what I would've been if I was trading the crypto market with my laptop. It took a lot to finally leave, I finally made that logical choice even though it seemed crazy to any outsiders that couldn't understand.

Investing In Myself

With all of my trading success, making thousands in percentage (%) profits, I decided to invest tens of thousands of dollars into trading education, interstate boardroom events and 5-figure personal development courses.

I did this because I wanted to be the most optimal self in order to run my own cryptocurrency trading and personal development empowerment communities. I have not looked back ever since and it was the greatest decision I could have made. As I said at the very beginning, I want wealth for those around me financially, mentally, physically, socially and spiritually; I'm well on my way as I've already helped so many and there's so much more to achieve.

 Recently I have launched my Cryptocurrency 3 Day Course where I help members through cryptocurrency trading and investing as well as market psychology. So far I have already shared thousands of my trades that add up to already over 1000% in profit since the launch within a couple of months.

The Legend Continues...

There's still a lot to achieve for myself and others during this lifetime and I will continue to support and aid in wealth for ambitious individuals who believe in a greater version of themselves.

Believe in your what. Achieve during your now.

Raphael Fernandez

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